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Apartment cleaning in Saint Petersburg

The company Eco Cleaning company offers cleaning services for apartments in Saint-Petersburg.

Our service:

Our company uses only environmentally friendly products, such as Ecobubble, Sodasan, Molecular, Ecover. Each of our employees is a master of their craft, so we can guarantee high quality cleaning.

Professional cleaning of the apartment

Each room has its own difficult-to-clean places. The apartment has a lot of them. This is due to the fact that the apartment is usually densely Packed with furniture and various items. Often cleaning an apartment is carried out by its residents, but the quality of such cleaning is significantly inferior to professional.

Cleaning of hard-to-reach places is carried out much less often than it is necessary to do. Plus, not everyone is ready to spend their time on a full-fledged cleaning, because it is at least a few hours, and you still need to buy detergents, and they need to understand. All this entices people to just wiping the dust and cleaning the floors. But dirt and dust accumulate in furniture and behind it, behind large appliances and under it, under the bathroom and behind the toilet, in the pantry, etc. The presence of dust and dirt in the room can cause various diseases. Therefore, it is so important to carry out professional cleaning of the apartment.

Of course, there is no point in carrying out a full-scale cleaning every day, and it will be expensive. Therefore, our company offers various types of apartment cleaning. This can be a standard daily cleaning, urgent cleaning after serious contamination, scheduled weekly cleaning, etc. The entire list of works and cleaning time is agreed with You in advance. Call the specified phone numbers or leave a request using the feedback form.