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Accommodation for company employees

Rental apartments for employees in SPb Rentals is a convenient and profitable solution, if you need to comfortably accommodate your employees for a long time.

There are several options for cooperation between the company, its employee and a landlord:

  • The employee of the company independently rents an apartment. The employer reimburses the expenses. It is a very convenient way because it does not require the involvement of a legal entity.
  • The tenant is the company. In this case the accommodation is rented by a legal entity, the payment will be made by the employer directly to the owner of the property.
  • Sublease of an apartment. A legal entity acts as a tenant. It concludes an additional sublease contract with the employee after concluding a contract of tenancy with the owner of the apartment.

Our company will help you rent an apartment for one employee or several apartments for out-of-city or foreign employees.

Rental Property

A rental flat for employees is a very common solution when it is necessary to provide apartments to personnel, many of which have branches in other cities. Employees can also change apartment between each other. Upon the moving out of one employee, the employer has the right to keep the flats leased according the contract for another employee.

Apartments for rent in Saint-Petersburg

Or company will help you to rent comfortable accommodation with the most convenient location for any required period of time - several days, weeks or months, depending on how long the work or business trip lasts.