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Cleaning of non-residential premises

Eco Cleaning Spb offers cleaning services for non-residential premises in Saint Petersburg.

Our service:

Our company is very sensitive to the environment, human and animal health. That is why we use only environmentally friendly and relatively safe detergents, such as Ecobubble, Sodasan, Molecol, Ecover. In their properties, they are not inferior to the more "harmful" common analogues. The specialists of our company always produce high quality cleaning.

Non-residential premises, oddly enough, also require regular and high-quality cleaning. It does not matter what kind of room, whether it is a warehouse of products or hardware, a shopping center or a fitness room. As a rule, in non-residential premises, many people walk in street shoes while bringing with them dirt and dust, and at the same time a lot of pathogens. Over time, all this accumulates and the employees who are in the room breathe it all, because the dust is perfectly transferred with the air.

To protect your employees from various diseases, as well as to maintain visual order in the room, it is recommended to conduct periodic cleaning. Cleaning of non-residential premises includes:

  • Dry and wet floor cleaning.
  • Taking out the trash.
  • Removing dust from horizontal surfaces.
  • washing Windows.

Additional work can also be agreed upon. Call us at the phone numbers listed on the site, leave an online request or come to our office to discuss all the terms of cooperation and agree on the list of works. We are ready to start as soon as possible!