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Where is the best place to stay in Saint Petersburg?

Saint-Petersburg is an unique city where you can meet with Russian history and traditions. Saint-Petersburg was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great. The city is one of the most tourist, cultural and accessible in Russia. In St. Petersburg you can visit many spending museums, palaces with gardens, cathedrals and monuments. Huge museums (such as the Hermitage museum) contain some of the world’s most prized collections of art and treasure.

The city centre is also home of variety of bars, restaurants and shopping centers. Saint-Petersburg is also well know for “white nights” period which begins from 25—26 May, till 16—17 July. On this period you can watch spectacular bridges opening.

The best area to stay in St Petersburg is the city centre, where you can visit the largest amount of tourist attractions, variety of restaurants, exhibitions. In central distract you can also find all our apartments which are in the greatest location of the city.

The rivers have plenty of walking trails to experience and is one of the most scenic ways of seeing the city centre. There are various boats trips and cruises that set off all along the river and will take you on a guided tour or you can just hire a boat yourself.